Rest started life as Wretch back in 1999, when two brothers and two school friends began playing music together in one of their parents’ basement.

Apart from the name and one line-up change almost everything else has remained the same in the intervening years. They’re older, sure. And their Myspace page is gone. But they still write and practice in that same basement. They still approach music the same way. They still haven’t got a vocalist. They definitely haven’t gotten any more prolific.

They’ve released two albums during that time: 2004’s post-rock inflected Burning in Water Drowning in Flame, and 2013’s sprawling hard-rocker I Hold The Wolf, as well as the 2007 EP Operation: Impending Doom, which bridged the gap between the contrasting sounds of both albums.

They’ve played and toured with the likes of Isis, Explosions in the Sky, Oxbox, Cult of Luna, Baroness and Torche. Their sound has taken in more disparate influences as the years have passed by, including Doom, Psych and Progressive Rock and Black Metal. If they were a Facebook status it would probably be ‘It’s not complicated enough’. And they’ll probably still be doing this when you’re dead!

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